Chamblee Annexation - get the Real truth

  1. BulletMany residents will pay LESS in taxes if annexed into Chamblee - especially seniors. Most residents might see their taxes decrease or increase by about $100/year. All tax money paid to Chamblee stays in Chamblee.

  2. BulletYour utility bill will NOT increase. You might see a new line item for a franchise fee because cities list this as a separate item on their tax bills and DeKalb County does not (it’s already built into the taxes). The extra cost amounts to usually less than $1.50/month and the money stays in the city and does not go to DeKalb County.

  3. BulletAnnexation WILL affect schools. It won’t change school district lines but our schools will be served by Chamblee Police, which has a much faster 911 response time. Principals won’t be put on hold when they call in an emergency, as DeKalb County often now does. In addition, if the effort to create new school systems is successful, Chamblee, Dunwoody and Brookhaven would be able to form their own school system.

  1. BulletAdditional residents will NOT be able to annex into Brookhaven. Their Mayor and Council may say they “are open” to annexing additional residents - but they are not. They had that chance and said NO. They only want the nearby commercial areas and will say whatever they can to make this annexation effort fail. In addition, even if they wanted to annex the residents - it’s just not possible, given the legal and political realities, combined with the time constraints associated with the legislative session and other city-hood efforts.

  2. BulletYou WILL have to pay the unincorporated sales tax bond. There is no way around this. You would still have to pay it if you are in Chamblee, Brookhaven, Lakeside, Briarcliff, Tucker or Unincorporated DeKalb County. Approximately one third of Chamblee residents also pay this bond, as they were annexed into Chamblee in 2010. There is nothing unfair about it.

What is the real truth?

Don’t believe any of the lies they try to tell you in their anonymous robo calls and fliers.
They are well funded and stand to gain significant financial wealth if the Chamblee Annexation effort fails.

Who is lying 
to me 
and why? 
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